Know About bipc

It is one of the best intermediate course that anyone can choose. This is the course for any kind of student & this subjects can be learnt easily because it explains all about on our human body, plants, all. types of living organisms in or around us.

This is the course that any student can pick who may good at science Or even maths. The one who is good at maths can tackle this subjects, where he/she can solve physics, chemistry easily and can score more marks where it is a deciding factor for competitive exams like neet & eamcet

By choosing BIPC we can explore a wide range of career options in the field of medicine, research, agriculture Etc…… This course is having more success rate with in the competitive exams like JEE Mains, advance, EAMCET and NEET. Even after the course we have vast no. of opportunities . So, it is a right choice for any student to have a better and successful future

Some list of courses after BIPC:-

  • Medical Courses :- MBBS, BDS.
  • Ayush Courses :- Ayurvedic, Homeopathic, Naturopathy, Unani Medicine.
  • Veterinary Courses :- BVSC .
  • Agriculture Courses :- BSC Agriculture, BSC Forestry, BSC Biology .
  • Nursing Courses :- BSC Nursing .
  • Pharmacy Courses :- B pharmacy, pharmacy D.
  • BSC Courses :- Anatomy, Physiology, Horticulture, Radiology, Biotechnology, Etc…

This exams are the competitive exams in the field of medical sciences in India. Where,

NEET [National Eligibility and Entrance Test] is a national wide exam.

EAMCET [Engineering Agricultural & Medical common entrance test] is a state wide exam .

NEET: This is a National Level MEDICAL ENTRANCE examination conducted BY NTA ACROSS THE COUNTRY. This is an pre-medical entrance test for the students who are looking to build their career in the medical sciences like Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), Dental(BDS), and Ayush(BAMS,BUMS,BHMS,BNYS&BSMS).

SUCCESS RATE : All Over India – 9.94%

Telangana – 20.97% (MBBS-7.18%, BDS-10.93%, VETERNERY-0.19% & AYUSH-0.32%)
Andhra Pradesh – 18.46% (MBBS-7.15%, BDS-8.2%, VETERNERY-0.3% & AYUSH-2.81%)

EAMCET: This is a State level Entrance examination for both Telangana and AP conducted BY JNTU for the students who are looking to build their career in the medical sciences in the stream of Veterinary, Agriculture, Pharmacy & courses.

SUCCESS RATE: All Over India

Telangana – 88.3% (Agriculture- 2.06 %,VETERNERY-10.94% , -60.91% & AYUSH-14.39%)
Andhra Pradesh – 85% (Agriculture- 6.23%, VETERNERY-12.96%, -64.23% & AYUSH-1.58%)
All over India 18,72,343 78,333 26,733 52,720 525
Telangana 56,079 4,090 1,140 268 18
Andhra Pradesh 65,305 5,210 2,240 232 15
Medical Courses

MBBS (Medicine)

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

MBBS: MBBS course is five years and six months including one year of rotational internship at the hospital A person holding the MBBS degree becomes a certified medical practitioner. after completing the MBBS degree POST GRADUATION (MD/MS) is a 3-year master’s degree that can be obtained. The course deals with the advanced study of medicines, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of several diseases.

Average Salary Offered per Month : INR 1.5 to 30 Lakhs
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BDS (Dental)

Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)

BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery)degree of 5 years which trains students to enter the noble profession of dental science and surgery. After BDS MDS is a full-time degree of two years duration with specializations for diseases related to Tooth, Jaw, and other Facial tissues, dental science is dealing to help in maintaining oral health.

Average Salary Offered per Month : INR 1 to 6 Lakhs
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AYUSH courses


BAMS (Ayurveda), BHMS (Homeopathy), BUMS (Unani), BNYS (Naturopathy and Yoga)

AYUSH courses in India have gained popularity in the past decade after many people are looking for alternative medicine options like Bachelor of [Ayurvedic / Homeopathic / Naturopathy / Siddha/Unani] Medicine and Surgery (BAMS /BHMS/ BNYS / BSMS / BUMS) AFTER AYUSH MD in [Ayurvedic / Homeo / Naturopathy / Siddha / unani] is a 3 year-long postgraduate course in medicine including a year of house job, and remaining 2 years of research and study.

Average Salary Offered per Month : INR 2 to 10 Lakhs
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Veterinary Courses

B.V.Sc. and AH

Veterinary Science is a branch of science that concerns the diagnosis, treatment, and curing of diseases in birds and animals. The subject involves the study of animal physiology and various treatments. The basic principles of B.V.Sc. and AH are similar to human medical sciences. After B.V.SC & AH M.V.Sc . Veterinary Medicine is a 2 year full-time postgraduate Veterinary course WHICH helps to learn how to treat animals with the applications of dental, clinical, therapeutic, medical, diagnostic, and surgical methods and also study how to examine these aspects.

Average Salary Offered per Month : INR 2 to 15 Lakhs
Agriculture Allied Courses

Agriculture Allied

B.Sc Hons. Agriculture, B.Sc Hons. Horticulture, B.Sc Forestry, BFSc (Fisheries), B.Sc Sericulture

BSc Agriculture is a 4-year undergraduate course that primarily focuses on research and practices in agricultural science, dealing with disciplines like Genetics and Plant Breeding, Agricultural Microbiology, Soil Science, Plant Pathology, etc.. This course aims to provide training to implement modern agricultural techniques and technologies in the real world scenario. BSc Agriculture has a good scope in their careers BSc Agriculture Jobs like Agricultural Officer, Agricultural Analyst, Plant Breeder, Seed Technologist, etc.

Average Salary Offered per Month : INR 3 to 6 Lakhs
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Pharmacy Courses

B Pharmacy, Pharm D

One of the famous courses in India is Pharmacy courses. Pharmacy is a combination of chemical sciences and health sciences. The objective of the pharmacy course is to ensure the effective and safe use of pharmaceutical drugs.

Pharm D Duration: 6 years (5 Years Study + 1 Year internship).

B Pharmacy Duration: 4 years.

Average Salary Offered per Month : INR 2 to 5 Lakhs


The aspirants who get to appear for NEET are exponentially increasing but the seats for medical college are quite limited, which means it becomes tougher to qualify for the medical college.


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